A Week in Aden

In November the YCMES, like much of Yemen, took an official break for the Eid al Adha holiday. During this time, several students took advantage of their free time and traveled to Aden, the famous port city of southern Yemen.

The view of Crater, a district in Aden, from the site of the old Zoroastrian temple

Traveling to Aden from Sana’a, one is able to fully grasp the geographic and cultural diversity of the country. Aden’s history as a trading center and its almost 200 years under British rule have resulted in a a cosmopolitan center much different from the capital to the north. One is immediately struck by the wide streets, post-colonial architecture (the traditional ‘gingerbread houses’ of Sana’a are not to be found), and relatively laid back and liberal atmosphere.

Danielle hanging out with some new friends on the beach

During the trip, we made the most of our time by first exploring the old district, Crater. Evidence of its multicultural past could be seen in the numerous churches, Hindu temple and even a defunct Zoroastrian tower of silence. Afterward, we settled down for a cup of tea by the sea, climbed the famous Seera Castle (video above) and ate freshly-caught seafood. And of course, we spent plenty of time on the lovely, secluded beaches!!


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